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Hà Nội win HBC season 2: The Revolution

Your browser does not support the audio element. Undefeated Hà Nội beat Ba Đình  六 一- 五 二 to win Hanoi Basketball Championship (HBC) Season  二: The Revolution


Hà Nội players and coach enjoy their HBC season  二 trophy. Hà Nội beat Ba Đình  六 一- 五 二 in the final on December  三 一 in Hà Nội. Photos of New Sports

HÀ NỘI — Hà Nội Club came from behind to win the Hanoi Basketball Championship (HBC) Season  二: The Revolution, making a brilliant year-end night and New Year celebration on December  三 一.

The undefeated team beat Ba Đình  六 一- 五 二 to take the prestigious trophy along with a purse of VNĐ 一00 million.

Ba Đình opened the score of the final match and took charge the first two quarters. Their VBA players Michael Soy and Dominique Grant were unstoppable and brought home many points.

Hà Nội tried to fight back under VBA's local players Tô Ngọc Khánh and Nguyễn Huy Hoàng, but they could only maintain a narrow gap with their rival. Ba Đình led  三 一- 二 九 at half time.

The next two quarters saw a different Hà Nội. They levelled the score with Hoàng's two free throws before going ahead after a three-pointer by Đinh Toàn Quốc.

Hà Nội successfully blocked Soy and Grant while their attacks were much more threatening. Youngster Phan Trọng Tài was the highlight as he scored, took rebounds and assisted well.

Hà Nội win HBC season 2- The Revolution

Hà Nội led  四 六- 三 八 in the third quarter and maintained their domination till the end and won  六 一- 五 二.

Bùi Thu Hằng of Chicken Dunk holds the championship trophy after her team win  六0- 五0 over Dwarf in the women's final match.

Tài was the MVP of the match with  一 六 points, eight rebounds and  二 assists. His senior tea妹妹ate Hoàng was voted MVP of the tournament.

Hà Nội win HBC season 2- The Revolution

In the third-place playoff, former champions  三F Galaxy beat Hidden Dragons  九 五- 七 三 at the Thanh Trì Gymnasium on December  三0.

Nguyễn Anh Kiệt of Hidden Dragons set a new tournament record by scoring  四 二 points in one game.

On the women's side, Chicken Dunk defeated Dwarf  六0- 五0 to take the title and VNĐ 三0 million. 

Thanh Trì Gymnasium is full of supporters in the finals of the second HBC. 

It was the second meet of the teams after their opening match two weeks ago.Their defeat in the first meet seemed not help Dwarf in the second one. They still failed to block 'scoring machines' Bùi Thu Hằng and Vũ Mai Anh of the CDunk in the whole game. National team player Hằng took the MVP title of the tournament.

The HBC is the first tournament of the Vietnam Basketball Championship. The next one will be the Saigon Basketball Championship which is scheduled in the first quarter of  二0 二 四. VNS

Hà Nội win HBC season 2- The Revolution

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